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According to the [email protected] framework, what two actions can you do after you establish a configuration baseline? (Choose two.)

A.    Restore the configuration during service recovery.
B.    Assemble all relevant components to prepare for a change.
C.    Identify all the incidents associated with a configuration item.
D.    Build a service component from a defined set of inputs.

Answer: BD

According to the [email protected] framework, which two options are the best way to manage device configurations? (Choose two.)

A.    standardize on global configuration templates
B.    have a robust asset management system
C.    have a central repository of approved configuration
D.    enforce change management procedures

Answer: AC

What two items are typically reviewed during the post-change implementation review process? (Choose two.)

A.    the cause of change failures
B.    number of network events identified
C.    number of unauthorized changes
D.    number of service level agreements

Answer: AC

According to the [email protected] framework, which two statements define change success? (Choose two.)

A.    Met request for change (RFC) criteria.
B.    Successfully completed a few minutes after the change window.
C.    Change completed with minor modification to the implementation plan.
D.    No network outage after the change.

Answer: AC

Which three areas could be impacted by a change in the network environment? (Choose three.)

A.    as-built network documentation
B.    disaster recovery plan
C.    critical success factors
D.    service level agreements
E.    network management KPI

Answer: ABD

Which three reasons explain why the network documentation should remain current? (Choose three.)

A.    to meet ISO 9001 requirements
B.    to understand and make changes to the network environment
C.    increases MTTR
D.    to understand the current inventory of devices
E.    to obtain the current network statistics

Answer: ABD

Which four items are necessary to ensure compliance with global configuration templates? (Choose four.)

A.    A well-defined Service Asset Configuration Management process based on leading practices and supported by organizational policy.
B.    Regular auditing of all devices for configuration compliance and proper handling of exceptions found.
C.    Pushing configuration updates to affected devices when a change to configuration standards is necessary.
D.    Always use the global configuration templates stored on your laptop rather than copying a configuration off a similar device.
E.    Never make unauthorized changes.
F.    Effective change control process and policy will always guarantee accurate configuration information for all devices associated with any change.

Answer: ABCE

What are the four primary areas of analysis in measuring network performance? (Choose four.)

A.    traffic trend analysis
B.    service take-up trend analysis
C.    NetFlow analysis
D.    change rate analysis
E.    incident rate analysis
F.    syslog analysis

Answer: ABDE

According to the [email protected] framework, which four categories are used to prioritize a Request for Change? (Choose four.)

A.    standard
B.    immediate (emergency)
C.    medium
D.    high
E.    intermediate
F.    low

Answer: BCDF

Which two opportunities for improvement are realized by trending the metrics for the total number of trouble tickets by severity per period (total and by support queue)? (Choose two.)

A.    better incident resource allocation
B.    collection of information relating to the incidents for higher-tier analysis
C.    understanding the effects of the incident management process improvements
D.    identifying the rate of change

Answer: AC

Passleader Cisco 642-770 Exam PDF Practice Dumps Free Download


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